My name is Inbum Cho. I am from the Republic of Korea. In the Unification Faith Movement, through Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s spiritual teachings, we seek to walk a true path of faith. The nation of Korea is our spiritual fatherland. I am here representing thousands of people in Korea who are trying to walk the true path to God. I am here today to send our clear message to the DC Superior Court’s Judge Laura Cordero that your Summary Judgement in the UCI vs FFWPU case was completely wrong!

For the last ten years there has been an internal conflict within our faith community over how to define the true legacy of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. We believe the conclusions of this struggle to have serious implications in God’s Providence, and we consider this internal conflict to be a “Cosmic Conflict.”

Judge Cordero! We feel it is most regrettable that this complicated spiritual struggle has been placed in the hands of the DC Superior Court because it is impossible to understand this case without knowing our faith, history, principles, and theology!

Judge Cordero! You have placed judgement on our spiritual beliefs through your own views even though you have no understanding of the core essence of our faith. Your decision goes against the very essence of the American Constitution!

It seems as if you viewed this case as simply a dispute over assets, however, this is an issue that will determine the spiritual fate of multitudes of people worldwide.

We have remained respectful to the court. Our understanding is that a tremendous amount of evidence has been submitted to your court to help you understand the religious nature of the dispute. We ourselves have made efforts to convey our messages to the court through letters and emails.

However, you have ignored all of the evidence from the UCI side! You have arrogantly ignored our voices! In effect, you have placed judgement on our faith and beliefs!

Judge Cordero! Do you understand the essence of the principle and theology of our faith?

Do you understand our history? Can you say you understand all the circumstances surrounding our faith that we have experienced?

It seems as if you think you can make a decision about this current conflict in a small building called the Washington D.C Superior Court, but do you realize that our entire faith community around the world is watching you?

We strongly believe that the present Family Federation for World Peace and Unification has altered the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and has taken the organization in the wrong direction!  We absolutely believe that Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, the third son of Rev. Moon, is the successor that has been carrying on the traditions of the Unification movement and is our faith leader.

Judge Cordero and Judge Anderson, We are sending you our clear statements!

Protect the United States 1st Amendment rights!

Read our letters!

Consider the Evidence!

Keep the court out of religion!

Let God Decide – Not Judge Cordero!

Judge Cordero must resign!

Judge Anderson, Dismiss this case!

Do not punish our faith leader!
Judge Cordero and Judge Anderson! We will solve our issue of faith among ourselves.

This is a warning that we will not stop fighting for goodness until this case is completely dismissed and we can ensure God’s providence is protected and the spirit of the US Constitution preserved!

Please join us in fighting this Injustice. Thank you.



March 2nd, 2020

Inbum Cho, Representative of Blessed Families in Korea shouting in solidarity for faith and freedom