Tens of thousands express their outrage of the D.C. Court's involvement in religious matters


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DC Judge Ignores 1st Amendment: Howard Self

DC Judge Ignores 1st Amendment: Howard Self

Good Morning, Citizens of Washington, DC! I am the Reverend Howard Self and I have the honor of emceeing this rally today. Today, we are gathering here at the DC Superior Courthouse to strongly protest recent decisions by judges in this...

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Judicial Overreach Causes Growing Alarm

Right To Believe Addresses Undue Governmental Interference in Matters of Religion WASHINGTON, Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 3, 2020 Judge Jennifer M. Anderson of the Washington, DC Superior Court issued a "Remedies Judgement"...

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Judicial overreach threatens religious freedom

By Howard Self Aug. 21 (UPI) -- Our nation is much more diverse today -- religiously, ethnically and racially -- than at any time in our history. While diversity is our strength, it can mean growing disagreement about norms, values, and...

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Nepal Defends Religious Freedom

Nepali citizens stands with the international community to defend their spiritual leader, Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon. They believe the U.S. Court system will set a bad precedent for all religious communities around the world.

Korea Honors Religious Freedom and America's 1st Amendment

Weekly gatherings in the heart of Seoul are rallying hundreds raising their voices representing the Republic of Korea in this fight for religious freedom. They have sent a strong message of warning, “The world is watching.”

Mongolia Joins the Fight for Religious Freedom alongside United States

Mongolia recently joins the fight for religious freedom. While small in number for now, they have loudly voiced out their experienced religious oppression and are expressing their outrage over the judicial overreach in the United States.

Commission Approves DC Judge Who Unconstitutionally Infringes on First Amendment Religious Freedoms for Another 15-year term.

Our Response: Letter to the President

of the United States

We are grateful, Mr. President, for your valiant efforts to defend the First Amendment in the face of judicial decisions in courts around the country that are collectively eroding individuals’ rights and freedoms. I write to inform you about a travesty of justice recently committed in the District of Columbia Superior Court. Tens of thousands of people, including myself, have suffered religious discrimination at the hands of Judge Laura Cordero of that court... Judge Cordero’s unconstitutional ruling on this case [“Family Fed. for World Peace and Unification vs Hyun Jin Moon, et al” (No. 2011 CA 003721 B)] not only trampled on the First Amendment rights of the defendants, but also on the rights of people of faith worldwide.

Compounding this injustice was the recent decision to award Judge Laura Cordero with a “well qualified” reappointment on April 27, 2020 by the DC Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure (the “Commission”). This decision was rendered in spite of her numerous judicial errors and 5,000 emails to the Commission objecting to her reappointment... Cordero’s reappointment should have been at the discretion of your office, Mr. President. Regrettably, it appears that the Commission is one of the entrenched governmental entities determined to maintain the status-quo of the DC “swamp” by preventing your office from exercising its authority to appoint competent and honest judges. 

our response

Concerned people from around the world submitted letters to the commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure, voicing concern over Judge Laura Cordero’s lack of impartiality and professionalism. 

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